Your Mind Can Sense The Future!


An interesting new study shows that our minds can sense the future 2-10 seconds before the event takes place.

This study called “Predictive Physiological Anticipation Preceding Seemingly Unpredictable Stimuli: A Meta-Analysis” shows that your mind actually has an energetic reaction to the future before it happens and before you are even aware of it.

They concluded that ” the results of this meta-analysis indicate a clear effect, but we are not at all clear about what explains it”. Once again, we have mainstream scientifically stable studies that give credence to the psychic aspects of the mind and the paranormal abilities of the brain.

The next time you have a thought about something before it actually occurs, that’s because your brain really is picking up on it energetically in a way we can measure. Can this be explained by the pineal gland or the consciousness field as discussed in previous posts? Is time actually non-linear?

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