The Power of Recognizing Coincidence

Molecular Thoughts

“Coincidences are glimpses in to the creative mind of the universe.” – Deepak Chopra

Everyone experiences coincidences, but we often write it off as that, nothing more. Dr. Deepak Chopra however, believes it is very important that we start paying more attention to them. According to Deepak, The Power of Recognizing Coincidence can dramatically transform your life.

Everything is a coincidence! The fact that you exist, you know your father had a gleam in his eye when he looked at your mother at that particular second. and then there were 250 million sperm going for one egg, and that one sperm made it out of the 250 million, and that’s YOU.”
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Ok well that’s pretty Awesome and what not, but how do i take this knowledge and use it practically to become a better, happier human being?

” Well if you realize that Coincidences are manifestations of your non-local (omni-present) self… it’s the animating force of life, what people might even refer to as the soul. This non-local self is what orchestrates synchronicity, so actually when you get in touch with it there are more and more coincidences that are going to be happening in your life, and if you ask yourself what is the meaning of that? and you find the meaning as well and you take advantage of that, you’ll create good luck or what spiritual traditions have called a state of grace. ”

An interesting thing that Dr. Chopra brings up is that all the world leaders he has met in business and politics. when he asks how they got to where they are or what is the secret of their success, invariably they respond with “Luck” or “Right Place at the Right Time”

“I Believe very strongly now that Synchronictic events are woven around intentions and they create your destiny.”  Now they maybe woven sub-consciously but when you become aware of it, you become the choreographer of your own life.