Synchronicity: Ever Have Meaningful Coincidences?

Have you ever been thinking about a friend, and then later that day you see them in the street, or you get a call from that person?

How about when the song you were just singing turns up on the radio?

Have you ever had a meaningful coincidence that was just too crazy to label it as chance?

Psychologist Carl Jung would say that you are experiencing Synchronicity,
which Wikipedia defines as:
the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, yet are experienced as occurring together in a meaningful manner.

The still unknown relationship between what we call the unconscious psyche and what we know as matter, is a phenomena beholden to many fields of study. with the reason still not fully understood, the point is that Synchronicity happens, and i think the most interesting of events are the ones that occur regardless if we have a reason or not.

Have you expierienced Synchronicity?
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photo credit: jef safi