Incredible Demo From Qi-Gong Master John Chang

Indonesian healer John Chang, referred to as “DJ” in the video is a master of an energy known as Qi (chi). “DJ” says that there is nothing inherently special in him to be able to do what he does, but it comes from a form of meditation that he does every day.(Video Length: 9 Minutes 53 Seconds)


At first “DJ” was hesitant to be filmed claiming his powers come from an accent tradition of secrecy, and was only filmed for a  short time at first before telling the film crew to leave.

It wasn’t till 7 years later when John reached out to the film makers stating that he had just come back from a 2 year meditation journey in the jungle, where he communicated with past teachers and ancestors. He was told that “History is moving on, that great change is coming and our old wisdom is leaving us.” Because of this, John felt it was very important to prove that chi and life energy exists and that we can all tap into this.