Emotion’s Effect on a Water Crystal

water crystalDo our Intentions and Emotions have any effect on Water?

Water is the most abundant element on Earth and the reason for all life here on it. Dr. Masaru Emoto seems to believe that what we think and more importantly what we feel have a tremendous effect on water, to prove it he came up with the water crystal experiment. Dr. Emoto froze individual water crystals placing different intents and emotions on them as well as writing that intent on the peatri dish.

Here are a few Water Crystals and their Intentions:

Water Crystal Love and Gratitude

Love and Gratitude

water crystal Wisdom


water crystal

Thank You

water crystal truth



You Disgust Me

Food for Thought: 90% of our bodies are made up of Water. If our thoughts can do this to Water, imagine what it can to do our bodies.

all photos credit to: Dr. Masaru Emoto