Bread and Circuses || How Leaders Keep The Masses Distracted


Bread and Circuses is a term that comes from our Ancient Roman ancestors. It has been used over time to describe the tactics leaders use to keep the public distracted from what’s really going on.

Picture this,

You’re the ruler of a great empire, doing your best to pillage every village and set fire to any nation who doesn’t bow down to you. Mass murdering your way through a continent takes a lot of food, money and good men. Eventually if you’re not careful you might spread your provisions too thin and lose the Empire in the effort of expanding your reach.

This is where Bread and Circuses come in to play.

Rome did not fall because of an invading force, Rome eventually fell from the inside. It didn’t happen quickly, as more rations were sent off to the soldiers, food supplies started to dwindle. more and more sons, husbands and fathers were being sent off to fight and die for the sake of expanding an already massive nation, families became¬†impoverished, and the people got restless.



The leaders of Rome, seeing the beginnings of a potential revolt had to act accordingly. Their decision was to give out rations of Free Bread and  put on Circuses as well as other events open to the public. Their logic was to keep the masses entertained, and distracted from the fact that their home and empire was falling apart.



and it Worked!… for a bit



Though mindless entertainment and belly feeding may prolong the ailment of a corrupt empire, it isn’t a cure. Rome unable to Rule their people well, keep trying to conquer the world and eventually spread their resources and people to thin and came crumbling down.

Where can we see Bread and Circuses being used in today’s world?


We have mind numbing television on 24 hours a day and a Fast Food joint is always open with cheap processed food and only a mile away from anywhere. it begs the question…

What are our leaders distracting us from?

To create a better future we must understand our past, so we don’t end up repeating it. Trying to conquer the world never works, how ever long you can keep the people distracted doesn’t matter, eventually all greedy empires fall

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