How Being Bilingual Makes Your Brain Badass!

how being bilingual makes your brain

“Oh Sh*#%! Learning a second language actually makes your brain grow??!!“

is not something often spoken nowadays. Maybe it doesn’t make your brain as badass as you’d like, but it does help.With some sort of standard branded into our public school system, as of late, we’ve maintained a steady progression in bilingually equipped humans.

Thanks to places like the Swedish Academy of young translators that militarized intensive study of foreign tongues, private schools, and ridiculously underprivileged public schools everywhere flooded with hard-working, passionate-individuals (as well as an expanding economy and growing need for translators and a bunch of other s#%t), we’ve kept that ball rolling as best we could.

Especially with research saying ”educators across North America used to tell immigrant parents to discourage the use of their native language at home. Practicing a second language, it was believed, could hamper the child’s ability to absorb formal education.” As well as language confusion, spiritual decline, and developing a split-personality.

how being bilingual makes your brain

Not-so-new studies show old studies suck.

According to not-so-new studies conducted in 2004, using magnetic resonance imaging, neuroscientists at University College London discovered bilingual test subjects “had increased density of the cerebral cortex in the lower part of the parietal lobe. Your cognitive skills (thought processing, awareness, attention) are governed by this.  According to a site about old people, senior citizens learn foreign languages to strengthen a part of their brain to fight dementia: nature’s Neuralyzer (that memory erasing crap from Men In Black).

The brain learns in a multidimensional manner, holographic in a sense. Your brain is always aware of the language structure. So it is impossible to confuse yourself and develop a split personality and other crap people used to tell other people. Your brain finds a way to organize it all!

The uses the concept of a mirror to gain perspective. Go holographic principle!

The mind uses the concept of a mirror to gain perspective. Go holographic principle!!!

There are countless positives encompassed by learning a foreign language. Like developing the sphere that connects our communication paths. The random relations you can make studying the multiple meanings of a single word in a foreign language may enhance your perspective. Like how “cake” in a language could also mean “hospital exit.” A foreshadow for future events? Who knows!

What we do know is Language is structure we live by. It is the soul of our breath. We can learn so much from each other.

In North America, it was popular to believe before, that learning a foreign language would be detrimental to your mind, but we’ve proven opposite. Ulterior motives? Maybe not. It’s always good to entertain the possibilities without fully accepting them. It’s a cognitive skill!


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