Are You an Introvert? | 11 Traits of Introverts


Are You an Introvert?

Introverts and Extroverts are the two basic personality types at the heart of human nature. Once you figure out which type you belong to, you can make better decisions to unlock your true potential. See if these traits sound like you.

1. You Enjoy Solitude


2. Dislike Small-talk, but enjoy in-depth conversations about topics that interest you.


3. People Say You Are A Good Listener


4. You like to think about and choose your words carefully before speaking


5. Dislike Conflict


6. You prefer to work alone and without interruptions


7. When stressed or need to recharge, you spend a few days alone by yourself.


8. Often express yourself through writing


9. People describe you as “soft-spoken” or “mellow”


10. You like people, just not all the time


11. You don’t normally like to take the lead, but will step up when no one else will.

are you an introvert

If you can relate to most of the traits on this list, then odds are your’re probably an Introvert. Although Introverts have a hard time copping with societies pressure to be a social butterfly, there is nothing wrong with you. While extroverts feel most themselves around big groups of people, you enjoy solitude and though others may see you as weird it is completely fine, it is just your personality type. and it’s one you share with some great minds, like Albert Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi.

Some describe Introversion and Extroversion of the “North and South of Human Temperament” and when you make life choices that are aligned with your temperament, life becomes a lot better suited for you.