25 Words You Won’t Believe Exist


The English language is a funny thing, but so are all the other languages for that matter. We have no shortage of words (some of them more sensical than others) and in our lives we only manage to learn a small portion of them.

There are words to describe just about every situation or feeling known to man as well as every object, every colour and every action. There are words you’d never even think existed, words which hardly seem necessary and words which are too funny to even pronounce properly.

That said, here are 25 words you won’t believe exist…


1. Wenis: the flap of skin that hangs just below your elbow.

Yes, believe it or not wenis wasn’t just a word they made up for ‘Friends’.


2. Pogonotrophy: the process of growing a beard.

This is definitely a word they should teach in puberty classes.


3. Vaccimulgence: the milking of cows.

Because saying ‘I’m milking the cow’ is too difficult…


4. Mundungus: stinky tobacco.

Surely this should make us wonder about Mundungus Fletcher in Harry Potter?


5. Factotum: employee or assistant who does just about everything.

This could be a useful word in many a workplace…


6. Xiphoid: shaped like a sword.

Well, this is a shape they didn’t teach us in school…


7. Collop: a slice of meat or fold of flab.

Try asking for a ‘collop of pork’ the next time you’re in the butchers.


8. Batrachomyomachy: making a mountain out of a molehill.

In this case the definition and the word seem to match up. Saying ‘batrachomyomachy’ is definitely like climbing a mountain.


9. Snollygoster: a shrewd, unprincipled person.

Somehow I can’t see this word catching on in the criminal world.


10. Crapulence: discomfort from eating or drinking too much.

The seemingly less polite way to say ‘I’m full’.


11. Turdiform: having the form or structure of a thrush (type of bird).

Can anyone think of a situation where they’d need this word?


12. Omphaloskepsis: contemplation of one’s navel.

Yes, it turns out there is an odd need for this word…


13. Pandiculation: a full body stretch.

No doubt we all experience this most mornings.


14. Jactation: restless tossing of the body.

A suitable description for how we act on those nights we can’t sleep?


15. Yahoo: a rube, a country bumpkin.

Is this where the search engine got its name?


16. Gastromancy: telling fortune from the rumblings of the stomach.

Believe it or not people actually do this. No doubt your fortune will be ‘You’re hungry,’.


17. Abibliophobia: the fear of running out of reading material.

This seems appropriate for a lot of book lovers out there.


18. Squabash: to crush with criticism.

As if crushing someone with criticism wasn’t bad enough, now there’s a name for it.


19. Boondoggle: an unnecessary activity or wasteful expenditure.

So this is what we do when we’re meant to be working…


20. Cruciverbalism: the act of solving or creating a crossword puzzle.

This would no doubt make a good crossword answer.


21. Lagopodous: like a rabbit’s foot.

I’m struggling to think of when you might use this word…


22. Jabberwocky: nonsensical speech, writing, or a made-up language.

This is the perfect word to describe how children communicate in their early years – and to think, you probably through Lewis Carroll had made it up!


23. Gardyloo: a warning shouted before throwing water from above.

Perfect for a water balloon fight!


24. Callipygian: having an attractive rear end.

I’m not sure many women would take this as a compliment if they heard it.


25. Gongoozle: to stare at.

As if ‘staring’ wasn’t descriptive enough.