15 of The Most Romantic Lines Of All Time

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1. “I don’t think you’re an idiot at all. I mean, there are elements of the ridiculous about you… you tend to let whatever’s in your head come out of your mouth without much consideration of the consequences… But the thing is, um, what I’m trying to say, very inarticulately, is that, um, in fact, perhaps despite appearances, I like you, very much. Just as you are.” Mark Darcy (Bridget Jones’ Diary)romantic 6

Bridget spends a large chunk of the film desperately trying to be a better version of herself to impress Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant). And we’ve all been there – acting like the person we think we ought to be to get attention from the opposite sex. So it comes as a great relief when Mark Darcy admits that he likes Bridget just as she is, faults and all.


2. “Well, it was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together. I knew it the very first time I touched her. I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car and I knew. It was like… magic.” Sam Baldwin (Sleepless In Seattle)

When Sam (Tom Hanks) talked about his love for his late wife, the world swooned. This line perfectly exemplifies how simple falling love can be sometimes. It’s not always grand gestures, or professing your love in front of a stadium full of people. Sometimes all it takes is a small, quiet moment to know you’ve got something special.


3. “I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” Harry Burns (When Harry Met Sally)

There’s nothing quite like falling in love with your best friend. And there’s such an urgency to this line, because when you’re at the start of a new romance, it always feels urgent. Like it’s the most important thing in the entire universe. And maybe it is.


4. “Love is too weak a word for what I feel – I luuurve you, you know, I loave you, I luff you, two F’s, yes I have to invent, of course I – I do, don’t you think I do?” Alvy Singer (Annie Hall)

When you’re first falling in love, you feel like you have something that no one’s ever had before. It’s like you’re more in love than anyone else, so the word “love” doesn’t even begin to cover the extent of your feelings! Alvy is in the midst of a brand new relationship, and feeling invincible. An amazing feeling.


5. “I could die right now, Clem. I’m just… happy. I’ve never felt that before. I’m just exactly where I want to be.” Joel (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)romantic 4

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was especially poignant because the romantic leads were two unhappy people that, for a moment in time, were able to make each other happy. Often, time stops when you’re love, or, at least, you wish it would.


6. “I think technically ‘The Girl Of My Dreams’ would probably have like a really bodacious rack, you know, maybe different hair, she’d probably be a little more into sports. But truthfully, Robyn is better than the girl of my dreams. She’s real.” Paul (500 Days Of Summer)

Such a beautiful quote about finding happiness in reality, instead of being distracted by fantasies that don’t exist. Once you accept that “the perfect person” isn’t out there, life becomes a whole lot easier, and a whole lot happier.


7. “I might be the only person on the face of the earth that knows you’re the greatest woman on earth. I might be the only one who appreciates how amazing you are in every single thing that you do, and how you say what you mean, and how you almost always mean something that’s all about being straight and good. I think most people miss that about you, and I watch them, wondering how they can watch you bring their food, and clear their tables and never get that they just met the greatest woman alive.” Melvin Udall (As Good As It Gets)

True love often comes when you feel like someone really sees you and understands you. Melvin’s profession of love is so incredible because he’s telling Carol (Helen Hunt) that he really gets her and appreciates every little thing that she does. And there is no greater feeling than that, it’s a true connection.


8. “Winning that ticket, Rose, was the best thing that ever happened to me… it brought me to you. And I’m thankful for that, Rose. I’m thankful. You must do me this honor. Promise me you’ll survive. That you won’t give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless. Promise me now, Rose, and never let go of that promise.” Jack Dawson (Titanic)romantic 9

This is an amazing story of truly selfless love. Jack sacrificed his own life, on the promise that Rose would live hers to the fullest. And she did.


9. “Our love is like the wind… I can’t see it, but I sure can feel it.” Landon Carter (A Walk to Remember)

Nicholas Sparks makes the list again, reminding us that no matter what happens to those we care about, their love is always around us.


10. “The only way you can beat my crazy was by doing something crazy yourself. Thank you. I love you. I knew it the minute I met you. I’m sorry it took so long for me to catch up. I just got stuck.” Pat (Silver Linings Playbook)

It’s so satisfying when two dysfunctional people end up together. When their craziest qualities complement one another’s. And it’s nice to think that, no matter what our faults are, there’s someone out there for everyone.


11. “I’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you.” Baby (Dirty Dancing)romantic 1

Taking a leap with the person you love can be a gamble. Your family may not approve, everyone may be rooting against you, but when you feel that once-in-a-lifetime feeling, you have to go after it.


12. “For now let me say, – without hope or agenda, – just because it’s Christmas – and at Christmas you tell the truth) – to me, you are perfect.” Mark (Love Actually)

From the iconic scene when Mark comes to Juliet’s (Keira Knightley) door and holds up a series of signs, admitting his love for her, without “hope or agenda”. It’s a brave choice – you could be shot down, rejected, slapped in the face – but sometimes, it just feels good to get all of your true feelings out there.


13. “Look, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass. That’s the kind of person that’s worth sticking with.” Mac Macguff (Juno)

You’ve got something great when you’ve found someone who loves you even on your worst days. This straight forward quote from Juno’s dad is a much needed reminder that if you have to act like anyone but yourself, then rethink the relationship.


14. “My affections and wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever. If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.” Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)

There’s nothing more satisfying than two characters whocan’t even be in the same room as one another at the beginning of the story, realizing that they want to spend the rest of their lives together by the end of it. It’s the tried and true formula for most romantic films, but Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet were especially cold to one another when they first met. This makes the profession of love at the end that much more sweet.


15. “I am no one special. Just a common man with common thoughts. I’ve led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but in one respect I’ve succeeded as gloriously as anyone who ever lived. I’ve loved another with all my heart and soul and for me that has always been enough.” Duke (The Notebook)romantic 15

When we think of Notebook quotes ‘If you’re a bird, I’m a bird,” comes to mind, but this quote is up there as one of the best in film, too. Noah’s undying devotion to his wife is admirable. From the very beginning, when he hung from a ferris wheel until Allie agreed to go out with him, to the end, when he read to her every day, despite that fact that her Alzheimer’s prevented her from recognizing them. Anyone who dedicates their life to loving another person completely has accomplished an amazing thing.

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